Speech Recognition

Pro Med’s integration of dictation software allows for a full-lifecycle transcription solution for the all the clinical documentation within the RIS/PACS workflow. Radiology practices will significantly reduce the internal resources required to manage the reporting process, enabling greater focus on patient care and core business activities.
Pro Med ensures that the speech recognition reporting solution integrates easily into your existing radiology workflow.
The instant availability of the Radiologist dictated reports dramatically raises the level of service that radiology departments offer.
Radiologists can report on an increased number of examinations, making hospital-based radiology departments and free-standing imaging centres more efficient.
Since radiologists can sign off on a completed report while viewing the original image, the need to double-check reports returning from the typist is eliminated.
Real-time speech recognition allows radiologists to view recognised text during dictation.
Radiologists need not edit their own reports; instead, their speech-recognised draft report can be forwarded to a typist for correcting and formatting. When the typist has completed the editing, the report is sent back to the Radiologist for authorising.