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Pro Med Computer Services has spent the past 3 decades working very closely with the radiology community.

This close relationship has allowed us to witness, firsthand, the struggles experienced with the technological advances in the healthcare environment and the needs of the radiologists’ customers – their patients and referring doctors. The needs of the radiology community in our experience are:

Achieving these needs has allowed the radiology community to improve and advance the quality of healthcare provided whilst ensuring that they stay abreast of the latest technological advances. It is for this reason that when radiologists seek to partner with an IT Healthcare provider they do not simply want the most inexpensive technology on offer, but place value on the long term partnership that leads to innovative and profitable healthcare.

To ensure the radiology community is able to manage the cost vs. output ratio we have based our offering on 5 key areas:

We are driven by our own values of honesty, integrity and accountability to ensure that we are viewed as loyal partners in their businesses.


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